- Blog & Forum SPAM Detection

The blogspam site exists to provide a service which allows you to test whether a submitted blog/forum comment is SPAM or not, in real-time.

We can identify many common SPAM characteristics and using them allow comments to be blocked - cutting down on the SPAM that might otherwise affect your site.

Why do we care?

This site was created by Steve Kemp to consolidate the SPAM detection he was previously forced to maintain on multiple sites - most notabily the Debian Administration website.

By moving the SPAM-detection to one central location, behind a simple API, it is now possible to make a change in one location and see improvements in all the sites that use the service.

Having additional users helps to encourage useful feedback, allowing further improvements to be added over time.

Entirely Open Source

The code which provides our service is available for your own use, under the terms of the popular GNU General Public License.

In addition to the code which runs this service, there are also several plugins for popular platforms including Drupal, Ikiwiki, & Wordpress.

Open Source software probably isn't new to you, but if it is you I shall summerize it like so:

  • You may download it, free of charge.
  • You may make changes to it, free of charge.
  • You can run your own server and charge people to access it, free of charge.

The main restriction is that if you give somebody the code they have the same rights, you cannot change the code, give it to somebody else, and then demand they cannot share it or further change it.

Recent News - January 2014

The old XML/RPC-based API has been removed, disabled, retired and ceased.

All clients must use the HTTP + JSON API if they wish to continue using our service.

The wordpress plugin has been updated, and bugs reported against the major known clients (for example trac).