Please NOTE - This documentation refers to the deprecated obsolete v1.0 API, you should prefer the v2.0 API.

This API will no longer be available after the 1st January 2015.

Connection Details

Unless you're running your own local instance of the BlogSpam service should submit your to the following host:

If your XML-RPC environment requires you to specify an URL then you should use the following:


Available Client Methods

The RPC service we run exposes the following methods, which combined make up our API:

 string  testCommentstruct )
          Test the content of the comment encapsulated in the given structure and return a string describing the result.


 string  classifyCommentstruct )
          Train the given comment as spam, or ham, in the case of error.


 array  getPlugins(  )
          Return the list of server-side testing plugins.


 struct  getStatsstring )
          Return the statistics for the current site.