Please NOTE - This documentation refers to the deprecated obsolete v1.0 API, you should prefer the v2.0 API.

This API will no longer be available after the 1st January 2015.


The classifyComment function of our API allows you to submit a comment for training, if it was misidentified as either spam, or ham.

The Input Paramater

The classifyComment function accepts a single parameter, which is an XML::RPC struct. (XML-RPC mandates the format of several parameter types such as "string", "int", "struct". In this case consider a "struct" analagous to a perl hash or a PHP array).

The structure you pass must have the following two required members - any other members as documented in the testComment() method will also be accepted.

commentThe body of the submitted comment.required
trainEither ok or spam, to control how the comment is to be trained..required

NOTE: In an ideal world you'd pass exactly the same structure as used in classifyComment() to this method.

The Return Value

The return value of the function call is a single string. The content of this return value will indicate whether training took place or not.

The return value may be safely ignored.