Please NOTE - This documentation refers to the deprecated obsolete v1.0 API, you should prefer the v2.0 API.

This API will no longer be available after the 1st January 2015.


The getStats function of our API allows you to see how many comments have been blocked, or accepted, upon your site via our service.

Our global statistics are available publicly, although they are reset every few months as part of the on-going maintainance and upgrade process..

The Input Paramater

The getStats function accepts a single parameter, which is an XML::RPC string. (XML-RPC mandates the format of several parameter types such as "string", "int", "struct".)

The string you pass in should be the URL of your site, and would match that automatically passed via the plugin you're using.


The following would be examples:

string =>
getStats( "" );

The Return Value

The return value of the function call is a single struct, with two members. (Remember that XML-RPC mandates a couple of different datatypes. Think of a struct as a hash, or named array).

okAn integer count of the comments approved.
spamAn integer count of the comments rejected.