Available Client Methods

v2.0 of the client API operates via HTTP, and accepts JSON data over HTTP-POST.

There are three methods that are exposed via this API:

Most of the code samples have now been updated to work with this new API.

Testing Comments

To test a comment you should encode the various fields the user has submitted in a JSON HASH and then submit a HTTP-POST request against http://test.blogspam.net:9999/.

The result of the submission will be a JSON-encoded object, which contains a SPAM or OK result.

The input-details and return-value are documented here.

Retraining Comments

Because we make mistakes we allow a comment to be reclassified if the wrong result was returned.

See the API details.

Retrieving Statistics

When you test a comment you must submit the URL to your site. Using that same site parameter you may later retrieve the number of SPAM/OK comments you've submitted to this server.

For full details please see the getStats documentation.

Retrieving Plugins

A simple HTTP request to http://test.blogspam.net:9999/plugins will return a JSON object.

The object consists of an array of plugin names, along with brief details of what each plugin does, and who wrote it.