- Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer the questions that are asked multiple times, or which we anticipate users being interested in.

Where is the code behind the service?

The code which powers this server has always been released as open source software.

If you wish to run your own internal comment-testing service you should expect to be able to so pretty easily.

How is the server code licensed?

The code behind the server component of the software is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.x


How does the service work?

There is an overview of the server code which explains broadly how the code functions.


Does code I write, using this API, have to be open source?

Absolutely not.

If you have a closed-source application, or platform, which accepts user comments you're still welcome to interface with our API.


Will you write a plugin for XXX?

If the platform is simple to code for we'd certainly welcome suggestions, but we would prefer to link to the code other people have written!

Right now we have only three plugins and it is hoped others will contribute more:

Hopefully the sample code should be sufficient to demonstrate how the API is invoked.


How can I see my rejected comments?

The plugin for your platform should move any rejected comment straight into the spam queue, and also show you how many comments it has rejected or allowed.

If you wish to see how many comments our service has accepted & rejected globally you may view our XML feed.


Do you have a privacy policy?

As part of our testing we receive the comments that are submitted to your site, forum, or blog.

Submitted comments may contain privileged information - although it is true to say the intention of the submitter is that the comment will be posted publically their IP and email address, etc, shouldn't be disclosed.

This is our privacy policy.