BlogSpam Plugins for clients

Wordpress Blogspam Plugin

To kick-start development I wrote a simple wordpress plugin which would automatically mark submitted comments as spam, after testing via this service.

The plugin is listed in the Wordpress Plugin list, and can be installed directly from your administration area.

The code itself is hosted in a github repository, if you prefer you can download the latest version directly from github.

Installing The Plugin

To install the plugin simply unzip the downloaded .zip file into the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your wordpress installation, and then activate from your admin panel.

Once activated incoming comments will be tested, and any that we mark as spam will automatically go straight into your spam queue - where you can examine them if you wish.

Plugin Configuration

The plugin will add a blogspam-page to your Wordpress options, which allows you to configure:

  • The server to test against.
    • Unless you're running your own blogspam instance this should be set to
  • Any server options.
    • These will be blank by default.
    • You can update as per the available options if you wish.

The configuration page will also show you the count of comments permitted, or rejected, via this service.

Drupal Plugin

Chris Searle contributed a plugin for Drupal, which works in a similar way to the Wordpress one - comments will be rejected automatically once it is enabled.

The Drupal plugin is hosted upon the Drupal site:

ikiwiki Plugin

Joey Hess created a plugin for his ikiwiki package, which you can find hosted on the ikiwiki website:

The popular social microblogging service, like twitter, comes with native support for our service.

Write Your Own Plugin?

If you use a blog engine, or forum, which isn't listed here you might have to write your own plugin to test incoming comments - hopefully the API documentation, and sample code should be sufficient reference material to get started - but if you have any questions please do get in touch.